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Creating Stylize Morphs
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Hi guys,
I need some help. being the poor modeller that I am daz studio has been helping me out and my focus has been on animation. My next challenge is how do I create stylized character from genesis ? Something like what is in the image attached?


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You can either use the Genesis morph sets that are available in the Store, like the Evolution Head and Body Morphs, or send Genesis to Hexagon, and create your own morphs there.  It is not as difficuult as it sounds.

It is also possible to use ZBrush or 3D Coat or Blacksmith (among others) to creat morphs as well.

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It is very stylized, big chest like your character:

It is for M4, but it can be convert to genesis via CCT or GenX. I don’t know if head is separated from body.

For the head
Also M4


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