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I just installed Daz Studio 4.5 on my mac and for some reason when I open program there is no model on the scene and nothing available on the Products tab. There is the "all" category, but it's empty and nothing else.
Did i did something wrong while installling? I don't know if I'm just beeing stupid and not knowing how to load stuff, but i cant find where to make it all apear!


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    Did you install the content pack (Genesis Starter Essentials...or something like that)?

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    The newest release has a separate download for content. The filename is called Genesis Starter Essentials & should be in your "Available Downloads"

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    Hum...that's...impractical! Not only i had a hard time trying to download the software, now it is broken down in different packages?
    Well, found it in My Downloadable Products anyway...hope it works!
    Thanks for the help!

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