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I was following this thread
where someone wanted a Pinus pinea or Italian umbrella pine.
I got into the tree room in Carrara and realized not knowing what one looked like for a start did not help.
and I had no idea about all those botanical terms on the parametersmy result looked awful

I have bought just about all Howies trees and stuff but there are so many trees yet to be Carrara-ized.

so was wondering if some would like to share tree room tips and maybe on Carrara Cafe create an original user contribution treepository of parameter recipies, or tree .car files.
and maybe any original vertex leaves the brighter users themselves have made

(I use readymade models, mostly bits of LisaBotanicals as leaves I am afraid so cannot share my own vertex attempts not worth sharing)

using readymade models, I have made standard rose bushes etc so maybe just the parameters and list of products needed for those!

500 x 375 - 2M
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    my requests!
    Norfolk island pine
    common fruit trees (have indeed done hybrid ones using fruit models but need accurate leaves and buds etc)
    Morton bay fig
    Hibiscus with flowers
    flowering gums with gumnuts
    wattles, various types
    Datura angel's trumpet tree (have a static bought one but want a breezy Carrara version)
    Mango tree

    I have done approximations using other models as leaves as I said but getting the shape right is my issue
    just some shape presets would help.

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