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buck415buck415 Posts: 0

Hi everyone.

I'm using the current DS4.5 Pro, Genesis, and Luthbel's Way of the Samurai product.

I need the sleeve from the Haori to hand downward in a natural manner, but when I twist the forearm or hand, it twists with the item.

How do I free the Haori sleeve from the Genesis forearm/hand?


300 x 380 - 30K


  • GhostofMacbethGhostofMacbeth Posts: 874
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    I just selected the sleeve in the forearm and twisted it there. Seemed to work fine for me.

  • buck415buck415 Posts: 0
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    Hi GhostofMacbeth.

    Cool, that's good to know. So what settings do I need to change in my DS4.5Pro to reflect yours to permit the same freedom of movement with the sleeve?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,684
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    Are you saying that if you select the sleeve it won't pose, or that you can't select the sleeve? The latter you need to do by right-clicking, or through the Scene pane.

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