Any chance of a 'Random' option in the 'Sort By filter? No? Didn't think so.

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My reasoning behind the suggestion (which I'm fairly sure DAZ will say is not possible because of the software...) - Google's observation* that people rarely go beyond the first couple of pages of search results...

Sooo, what's the connection? At present you can sort by Name, Price, or Release Date. You'll get loads of pages of results (unless you use other filters - genre, vendor, etc). How many pages do you look through before you search for something else?

So no matter which 'Sort By' you use, many older mid-price products whose names begin with mid-alphabet letters (e.g. M or N) will be forever consigned to the limbo of the seldom-visited middle pages of a search result.

There are many PAs listed in the PA Sale who've had products on sale here for a long time, who I'd never heard of! Did you think that too?

Lesser known PAs take note! Unless DAZ implement a 'Random' sort, then if you want customers to see your product in their search results:
- DON'T make them mid-price
- DO give them names that start with A or Z (or better still, a digit, or even a punctuation character)

If you too think a Sort By 'Random' facility would be good, then please add your voice to this post. Not that it'll make any difference... :smirk:

*Can't recall where I read this.

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