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I have been off the radar for the last little while, so this question has probably been resolved elsewhere. I was not able to find previous answers to these questions using the forums search, but the search functionality is part of my complaint.

There are certain aspects of the new Daz3D website that are making me scream and spit. Maybe there are workarounds, but I do not know what they are.

Firstly, the forums search. On the Advanced Search form, there is a text box to key in the username that you want to search by. One thing that aggravate me was that there is no accompanying text label to say what this text box is for. It took me a while to work that one out. Also, I keyed in a set of search criteria - term = Gen4 and username = mathman, expecting to find what I was looking for straight away. But no, there was well over 100 entries to wade through. This is unhelpful.

Secondly, the Itemized Order History. If you have as many orders as I have, the current functionality (or lack of) is very frustrating. For example, I couldn't find a way to search for an individual order. Also, there is no way of getting all orders on the same window. Finally, there doesn't appear to be a way to order them by date descending. These features were all part of the previous Itemized Order History page - well, sort of, I don't think you could order by date, but at least you had it by descending order all on the one page.

Thirdly, the Newsletter Subscriptions. I used to get Fast Grab notifications, but there doesn't appear to be a way of getting that back.

Could someone please tell me if they have found workarounds for these limitations introduced in the new website?


(PS Please do not say that I should have been bothered to search for previous discussions on these issues. As I said above, one of my major grips is about the search itself)


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    Improvements to the Itemized Order History, and adding back features like alerts for FastGrabs, items on your wishlist going on sale, etc., are on the to-do list, but the web developers are still busy with bug-swatting most of the time.

    In the interim, Taozen's free "DAZ History Manager" (\software\dazhm) is a fantastic tool -- download your history once into a searchable database, reset downloads right from the program. I use it constantly.

    FastGrabs, by the way, currently change once a day on weekdays, and stay the same over the weekend.

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