another goat, takes a lot of RAM, anyone else gone Sabbatic?

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I am not having much luck with goats in Carrara.
this time Midnight Stories sabbatical goat with fur mesh.
(might have to go Carrara fur instead)
no way I can load the fully loaded .duf so we won't go there!!!
I can import
and yes I have to import on the figure and import the figure as it does not show in smart content (in studio either)
the fur and it conforms
with increasing amounts of RAM
my meter is at 98% and still waiting a good 15minutes on the leg fur
don't know at this point if it will complete.
I have 8Gb of RAM it is C8.5 64bit
I would not wish to try it in 32bit!

just asking if anyone else has gotten him in Carrara fully furred

I can indeed studio and infact I even fbx exported him and got him into iClone but it totally freezes iClone if I add anything else
it tells me my computer is out of memory and my RAM needle is 100% but I can render him animated, only to image sequence though, avi it just stops working!
so yes, it is a pretty demanding figure!


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    ok, an hour later it just put the "projecting morphs" bar up, at 0%
    RAM at 98%
    do I REALLY want to wait for this to load?

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    ok, it got to 1% and I threw in the towel and killed it with task manager!

    anyone else got this fully furred beastie in?

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