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I am hearing a lot about how the 4.5 version is so much faster to use and have been thinking about installing it to my system. I currently have the 4.0Pro version. My main concern is, will all the content I have loaded to my 4.0Pro version be compatible with the 4.5 version and will the content automatically cross over to the new version? Will the Genesis figure and all the content that came with the 4.0 version be included in the new 4.5 version? Thanx :P


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    Everything that works in 4.0 should work in 4.5, with the exception of Uberarea lights in (fixed in Beta.)

    The content now comes as a seperate installer in 4.5, called Genesis Starter Essentials, and Genesis is now in DUF format, so the old DSF files are replaced. The other content that usually comes with DS4 is in the new installer as well.

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    Some of the Genesis content released before March 2012 will give a "Duplicate IDs" error message in DS4.5 -- see the link in my sig for the latest version numbers for Genesis items. Richard Haseltine also has a script to fix the problem until you have a chance to download the update.

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