Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ compatible PC

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Is the Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ compatible with Daz PC and Victoria 4.2?

I've installed this pack and when I chosse Victoria 4.2 I don't have INJ for morphs++. Is it normal?



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    Did you Initialise the files after installing the Morphs++ package?

    Anyways the INJ Preset should be in Content Library Pane (Not Smart Content) under Poser Formats/Characters/Pose/DAZ's Victoria 4/Morph Injections

    This is dependant on if Daz Studio is seeing your content folders correctly in the "Content Directory Manager".

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    They should be - where are you looking for the pose? If you installed the PowerLoader script for V4 you should get a dialogue when you load a fresh V4 from the library, which will allow you to selectt he morphs so you don't need to inject them later. Note that the morphs won't be added to figures in saved scenes, only to newly loaded figures.

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