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Well firefox has been updated twice; and is waiting for me to update it a third time, and the forum has been worked on 3 times since I last posted about this, yet the DAZ forum still locks up my browser till it loads, and is slow as molasses loading a selected thread.

It's just aggravating. I have a folder set up in FF to load all the sites in the folder. It's sort of like this, site/load, site/load, site.................................................................................................................................load, site/load. Guess which one is the DAZ site. And until it finally loads my browser is completely locked up, I can't check other tabs while waiting for DAZ to load; unlike any other site. Of all the sites I visit daily this is the only one that locks up my browser. And browser games load faster then the DAZ forum.


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    Moved to the Commons because I couldn't work out what commercial item you were selling. :coolsmirk:

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    Hmm, seems to be a bug. Every time I try to post something to the commons it ends up in commercial. I know I am in the commons when I hit post new thread.

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    Od dear Stan, it always happens to you doesn't it. :roll:

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    What version of Firefox are you running?

    What Operating system?

    Have you tried another browser to see if it reacts the same?

    I ask cause using Xubuntu 11.10 and Firefox 15.0.1 I am not having any issues browsing the site.

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    ManStan, did you try wiping out your cache and your browsing history?

    I've been having troubles with the store since yesterday, saw this thread, then decided to wipe the cache and the browsing history. That worked for me, perhaps it might work for you as well?

    Just go to Tools/Clear Recent History... , set Time Range to Everything, then check off Cache and Browsing History.

    Good luck!

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    chohole said:
    Od dear Stan, it always happens to you doesn't it. :roll:

    Actually yes, and has been for 50 years lol

    Seriously, I am known for tripping over bugs no one else finds lol

    FF15.0.1 is the next one up.
    W7 pro 64

    I have it set to clear history/cookies when I close it. So yes I have to type in my logins lol

    I can try it on chrome, but chrome and I don't get along to begin with lol
    I got it because the game I was beta testing only worked on chrome; at that time.
    { my latest issue is when I am logged in to the game and hit "new tab" in chrome, it just jumps back to the game log in rather then creating a new tab :-/ }

    But this browser lockup has been on going since DAZ opened the new site.

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    I had that problem on the old site using FF11 I think, but I haven't had it since then.

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    I don't know what to think. I tried on chrome and it is just as bad. Just locks up the browser for the 30 seconds or so it takes to load. Not a long enough time to worry, I just can't do anything else till it does.

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    I'm also using firefox 15.0.1 , and same 64 bit OS, but I'm not experiencing any of the issues you describe. I should mention I do clear my cache regularly.

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