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Bought Infinito but not sure where to install it
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Hi everyone

Yesterday I bought Infinito plus the expansion pack as it has been on my wishlist for a while.

Anyway all my Daz stuff is installed on an external drive including the Daz 4.5 pro program itself but I read in another forum post that the serial for Infinito is tied to the hardware so I would like to know if it is OK to install Infinito on my external drive with my other stuff or does it need to be on my pc?

The reason I put everything on my external drive is so that I can use Daz on my desktop or my laptop and am not restricted to one or the other.

Anybody help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t have Infinito but it could be the fact that this is a Plug-In and not just simple content. If this is the case then I am fairly sure it has to be installed with Daz Studio/ Like you I have all me content on a seperate HDD but I have always had to install plug-ins in the main Daz Studio folder



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The plugin should be fine, as far as I know - at least connected to the main PC. You don’t actually get a choice of where a plugin goes. Annoyingly, I think Infinito still insists on putting its content in the default DS content directory even if that isn’t in use (he may have fixed this in the latest update, I’m not sure as I haven’t had time to install it) so that will go in your documents folder - though if that too is on the external drive it will go there, I don’t think the drive letter is hard-coded (since the user name is part of the path and will vary from machine to machine.only the part in the Documents folder can be set in stone)


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On my PC, win 7 64 bit, Infinito is installed into a seperate folder inside the Plugins folder in Program Files.  It is called ‘InfinitoAM’.