Adding limbs and eyes in Carrara

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Is there an easy way to add extra limbs and eyeballs in Carrara?

I tried creating an extra copy of genesis, opening it in the model room, deleting vertices other than the wanted body parts (eyeball and arms), and then exporting each piece as an object.

Upon importing those parts, however, I just see the skeleton and not the body part, and I'm not able to move the part. Don't see any option to 'detach skeleton' either.

Could anyone explain the right way to do this (or let me know if there is a simple way)

Or is there a simple way to do it in DAZ Studio 4.5?

Was considering 4 Arms & Triclops, but would rather learn how to do this myself if it's not too difficult.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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    don't know about genesis
    but with m4 just add a few m4 and select the veritices you don't want to see in the model room and apply a shader with alpha zero parameter to hide them

    you can parent the new m4s to the hip chest of the old etc

    a little post will clean it up (see bottom pic for before post)

    for an eye add a transmap to M4's head to make a hole where the eye goes,

    to get the eye just select a m4 model then edit>smooth object then you can detach skeleton

    or do it in post ? see pic

    1007 x 655 - 203K
    1399 x 2000 - 488K
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    Should be possible to export Genesis as .obj then cut it up to use the bits you need, join the bits as one new .obj. Then in DS4.5 rig it as conforming clothing. I've just done something similar to make a mermaid tail for the Genesis baby.

    You'll lose morphs, UV mapping and material on the cut up bits, but if you are OK to deal with this I don't see a technical reason it can't be done.

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    Thanks for the replies -

    Headwax - I tried with M4, and had no problem with the limbs, though this does have the significant downside of having 2 figures loaded into memory instead of one, or 3 figures if doing two additional pairs of arms.

    Can you explain what you mean by using a transmap for the eye?

    I simply tried selecting the polygons for one eye and exporting as an object. This gave me an eyeball to place and move around, but not particularly satisfactory looking results. By transmap, are you talking about a map for the alpha channel that would leave the eye (and eyelids visible) while hiding the rest of the face? And would this be done on a copy of the texture map for the figure?

    Whatever method I use needs to work for animations (so can't just add in post)

    And thanks for the reminder about checking off smooth - think that's why I couldn't find a skeleton to detach.

    Roygee - thanks for the input. I'll try exporting genesis as an object again and see if I can get it working like m4 - though I probably don't want to lose the morphs and UV mapping.

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    sorry Mosk.. I talk th etalk but don't walk the walk....
    yes you drop a texture map into the alpha channel of m4 face, painted black where you want transparent skin (or white- just invert the map id it comes out wrong)
    you would use this in your main M4 figure and put an eye obj in his forehead

    not very satisfactroy i think :( no eyelids etc - not enough geometry there !! to morph

    another way is layers list -

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