Genesis face morphs do not exist in 4.5

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Hi folks, I installed 4.5 last week- and new Genesis stuff - then realized that the Genesis face and body morphs no longer show up in the shaping tab.
I attempted to reinstall the morphs, thus agreed to uninstall the Morphs, however the reinstall refused to complete.
I can't remember how/where I installed them a year ago.
I now have two sets of Genesis poses, the old ones have the yellow exclamation point on them.
I.m also crashing alot with renders.
I seem to remember that I could use 3Delight in the No 3 position for rendering?
3Delight now immediately sets the Render settings to 4?
It could be that I have to restart and reinstall all?
No complaints, I still love Daz, it just makes me nervous about mixing things up even more.


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    What Face and body morphs are you refering to as some if not all genesis products have been updated. See this list for what has been updated

    To fix your content issues just go to the "Content DB Maintainence" Via the Content Library (not Smart Content) Options box shown in image 1 - 3

    In image 4 you might have to reset the metadata after restarting Daz Studio after restting the database above.

    I don't use those render settings but from memory I thought 4 was 3delight only.

    301 x 219 - 78K
    290 x 218 - 80K
    718 x 492 - 230K
    744 x 570 - 215K
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    I am having trouble getting the above images in order so the last image is number 1, then to the image above which is number 2 which will get you to both images 1 and 2. LOL

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    Thanx for the response.
    The morphs are the evolution morphs and expressions.
    They are what has always blown me away about Genesis.
    The expressions are still their, yet the shaping options are not.
    I only attempted to reload the shaping options.
    The characters still have the options I placed on them, however the sliders to make shaping changes do not appear, only the original options I got when I bought DS 4 pro.

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    Wow I just saw the attachments!

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    Do they show up on the Parameters Pane as there were some issues with them showing up in the Shaping Pane.

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