Poser Question... Max number of lights you can include in a set?

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I just successfully saved my first light set for Poser... (never knew you had to delete the default lights first).

My freebie models are usually big structural sets, so having a max number of lights is quite useful... What is a safe number or what is the most you have saved in one of your sets?

The one I just saved had 12 lights... and probably could use more.

Thanks in advance!

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    There is no actual number limit to the number of lights you can have in a saved set.
    But you should consider if you actually need more than one or two light anyway.
    There are instances where multiple lights are necessary, such as lighting fixtures in an interior set or street lamps on exteriors.
    General outdoor light should require no more than a main light and a fill (we only have one sun on this planet)

    Also, keep in mind that OpenGL has a preview limit of 8 lights. They will be active on render, just not visible in preview

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    Cool, that is good to know... most of my models are large structures, and the lights are functioning as any interior lights would... In this case I'm lighting an abandoned testing facility, but other models I intend to make light sets for are a tunnel complex, a large set of corridors, a temple complex, a huge ballroom and stuff like that, so more than the base 3 lights are necessary... also these are enclosed spaces too.

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