Poser Question... Saving Cameras.

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I finally successfully saved a light set... apparently you have to delete all the default lights first... Yeah, that was obvious. But it works, and now I can include light set with my models... Yay!

So now I want to be greedy and save some cameras too...

So, how in the name of Loki's goat do I do this... I Googled and Binged it and and there is too much "nothing" about everything but that...

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help on this matter!


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    This, like saving light sets, is covered in the manual. Apparently that was one source you did not search.
    Navigate to "Cameras", select or create a folder that you want for set and click "+"

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    same way you save lights> pull up the camera library, click the + sign, select subset and name the set


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    I did check the manual and two of the books I own... The manual says that it can be done, not specifically how it can be done, like in steps... I already saved the cameras using the method you both described, only the cameras do not load... actually only one non functional "ghost" camera shows up just below the Z/X plane... Is there a trick like deleting the default lights?

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    And you did select the subset you wanted to save, correct?
    If not, nothing would save


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    Yup, I did... I only checked MY cameras... thats the correct method... right?

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    I did check the manual and a two of the books I own... The manual says that it can be done, not specifically how it can be done, like in steps...

    Maybe your manual is different or you don't actually read all the instructions

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    Hello Medzin.
    I appreciate you answering me, but do you realize that the general way in which you respond to my query is as though I'm an annoying nitwitted lout who is too lazy too look up the required information?

    I am annoying. I hold two degrees in Annoyology and have a doctorate in Quantum Aggravation, which is beside the point at the moment.

    Please understand I'm just responding to your info here in a neutral manner/tone-

    The Highlighted text in your manual brings me to page 14 of my manual... (see screen capture Fig1a) which actually should be page 13 (fig 1b) because I have Poser Pro 2010.
    I do not see why this data is relevant to my question since this data has to do with installing Poser, EULA data, content restrictions/definitions, the definitions of "program" and general licensing information one reads before installing the program.
    But thats okay since I enjoy reading legal documents and international border and trade treaties in my spare time ( I actually started reading armistice documents too and I am halfway through the Treaty of Paris 1763, which is hilarious, especially the part about the fortifications at Dunkirk and the Mime Colony of Saint Pierre)... But I digress... Nowhere in that information do I see data concerning the steps required to save a camera set... So I don't see why the manual points me here...
    The remaining Underlined text suggests I go to page 158... But seeing that we have different versions of poser I checked MY equivalent page and was informed to go to page 114 (see fig 2) which is actually NOT the correct page, which in fact happens to be page 122... not to mention that the blue highlighted text link does not bring me to page 114 and is nonfunctional... which is also Okay since I never expect stuff to work the first time anyway...

    Reading the information on page 122 (fig 3) is somewhat informative although I am already aware of that procedure as a general process of saving items to formats such as PP2s and materials etc...

    It is not a description of how to save a camera set.... as a matter of fact, if I used JUST that process to save a LIGHT SET, it would not work either, since to do so, one would have to delete the default lights BEFORE creating any new lights (which is not mentioned here), so this described process is obviously not a step by step description on how to save ALL formats of Poser assets as it suggests.

    Unless I'm really missing something here, the manual is not being all that helpful...

    Since I followed the basic process- create cameras, create folder in "camera" folder of libraries, click the add to "+", select subsets(all cameras in set- not a single camera,since that does not work)-click okay, choose single frame (I'm not doing animation), name camera and click okay... Bam- Icon shows up in folder... close file and go to test it in the same set up/scene without the camera already in it and.... Nothing... (I left out the part about drinking a cup of coffee and scratching my butt twice, since that seemed separate from the process, but anyway)
    And by following this process I can not save a functional camera set... thus I deduced that just the way that following the described process in the manual was lacking one crucial piece of information for saving a light set, so must the process be lacking here as well...

    This is why I asked the question here from my fellow and much more knowledgeable forumites...

    Now please understand, I'm sure you are tired of answering dumb questions in the forums or perhaps you have read other posts of mine and I really irritate you, but in general when someone asks for help if it is something I can provide informative help with I try to do so in a manner that does not imply they are lazy, dumb or visually impaired.... This doesn't bother me at all, but I have found that in general making people feel as though asking a question is lazy, makes people feel dumb and stops them from asking for help when they need it... which as far as I can tell is contrary to the spirit of these forums and teaching/sharing information in general...

    Once again, sorry if this is not how you meant this to be taken, but that is how it could be taken, to which I am not offended, but others might be in the same situation and that might turn them off to this activity and I thought it would be nice for you know if this is not how you meant it to be taken.

    So thank you for the suggestions, they did not work for me, perhaps it is because I have a bug in Poser, or because I'm on a Mac or some bad CGI mojo.... but I appreciate that you responded.

    Thank you.

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