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Upgrading to pro (64bit) from standard 32bit question?
Posted: 11 July 2012 06:27 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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After a few messages to Zendesk and a phone call I got it sorted wink

I had some help from Britney and Jonie. Britney tried hard to help me but she had problems processing my card online. Strangely Joanie managed to do it by phone after a 10 minute call (dunno how much that cost me from UK to USA!) and now I finally have a copy of 8.1.1 Pro build 12…yay smile

Quote: “myself have become very reliant on the 8.5beta and hope the price not too scary as I WILL have to pay it.
hopefully they will sort out the store upgrade pricing . . . .”

Well, I could have settled for using the 8.5 Beta (and still will use it while available) but I wanted a full pro copy that I could permanently use even after the Beta testing period is over just in case I cant afford the 8.5 upgrade from standard!

I mainly wanted it as the pro version allows import of Syntheyes camera tracking out put files and standard does not. While I (like you) have become dependent on the 8.5 Beta, there is no certainty that I will be able to afford the 8.5 upgrade price on release.

I did get my pro version (upgrade from standard) for a extremely good price of £69.95 smile
While it has been quite a battle to get success, I am grateful that Daz sold the upgrade to me at such a low price. I am sure you can tell from my previous post that my patience was running thin, but now I am finally happy.

A bit scared on how smooth the upgrade process will run when I can afford (and its released) to upgrade to 8.5 pro raspberry



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