Problem installing Millenium Sub-Dragon in Poser

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I am trying to install the runtime in poser but the same message keeps popping up ..
"When used with Poser TM, "SubDragon LE" must be installed to the same directory as the application executable; due to restrictions on support file locations.
Please select the directory that contains your Poser executable."

Though I have my poser library installed in another directory/disk , I've tried to install it in both runtimes but I keep getting the same message.

Did anyone else have the same problem? And if so, how did you manage to install it?

Thank you in advance for your response :)


  • JimmyC_2009JimmyC_2009 Posts: 8,891
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    Select DAZ Studio as the target application.

    Exactly the same files will be installed, but the installer will not look for a file called Poser.exe.

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    Thank you for your help!!!
    It worked just fine :) :) :)

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    Or you could create a blank text file and name it Poser.exe (make sure that you have Show file extensions enabled in Windows or you will get Poser.exe.txt) and put it in the directory...

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    Thank you!!
    You've been really helpful!!

  • Is there a way to use the bundled Subdragon LE in Poser? I can export as FBX but that isn't the same obviously. I just bought the Millenium dragon last night, finally got it installed manually, but I don't see how to do the same with Subdragon LE. 

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,605

    Bundled with DAZ Studio? At least some of the items in the Starter Essentials packs have PoserCF files, so if you are using a recent version of Poser and have the DSON Importer yes. Which version of Poser are you uisng?

  • I'm sorry but I'm a bit daft. I installed the DSON importer but don't have a clue how to use it. 

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,605

    You need to have the folder to which you installed both the DSON Core and PoserCF packs set as an external library in Poser, then you shold see thumbnaisl for loading the content.

  • Is DSON Core is the same as DSON installer found here?

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,300

    DSON Core is the main zip file file for a product in DSON format, e.g. "Genesis Starter", as opposed to the Poser Companion File, "Genesis Starter Essentials".  To use these products in Poser you need the "DSON Importer for Poser" plugin as well having both of these zips installed in locations which are mapped in Poser.

  • Oh I don't know what the issue is then, I installed both the Genesis starter essentials and the CF files via the Install from ZIP feature in Poser, I also have links to the scripts to see the DSON import preferences, and have the path there set correctly to my Poser library. I just don't see any DAZ content beyond the Mill Dragon I manually installed. 

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,300

    Odds are that the products are installed in "...\Downloads\Content\Runtime", but Poser is looking in "...\Downloads\Runtime".

  • Odds are that the products are installed in "...\Downloads\Content\Runtime", but Poser is looking in "...\Downloads\Runtime".

    I just tried every combination of runtime folders available, still nothing. Is there a way to manually install all DAZ stuff, or do some things just require the DSON? I'd like to try the Genesis 3 base charater in Poser. This all has me pretty confused. DAZ obviously has the superior collection of items in their store, I'd really like to shop without worry. I'm going to play with the Mill Dragon until I can get this sorted. It is freaking beautiful.

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,300

    The important thing about installing Daz zip files is that the folder named "Content" is just a placeholder -- the folders UNDERNEATH content need to be put in your actual content location, you don't want a folder named Content inside your content location.  If you use Daz Install Manager to install it will strip out that folder named Content; if you install manually you need to remove it yourself.

    Poser cannot read the DSON format, so any products that have .duf or .dsf files require the DSON Importer plugin.  That is true regardless of how you install the content.

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 17,300

    I should add, if it's the Millenium SubDragon in particular that you're interested in, you can buy it in the store and get a Poser-format version.  It's only the one that comes free in Genesis Starter Essentials that requires the DSON Importer.

  • jestmartjestmart Posts: 3,410

    And Genesis 3 doesn't work in Poser even with the DSON Importer.  There is a thread in Renderosity's Poser forum that tells how to get Genesis 3 to work in Poser but it does so by ripping out everything that makes G3 good.

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