Two not so simple questions

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First one is quite simple. I had a problem a while back using Inane Glory lights with DS4.25 and was told it was a fault. Fair enough, these things happen. How do i know if the version of DS4.5 has been superseded, and that problem may have been solved?
Next, and this may be harder because of my being unable to ask the question properly. If i call up some prime into an empty scene, and play around with them, add textures and link cubes and spheres and etc together. Is there a way that i can save to resulting creation so that i can use it again and again. If there is can someone either tell me how or point me to a tutorial that will guide me.
Many thanks


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    The was a problem with the IG lights because the Uberarea lights didn't work properly in DS That was fixed, and the Beta version of DS fixed that problem.

    I don't know of any tutorials on using primitives in DS, but after you have created what you want to make, save it as a Scene, and you can then Merge that scene into any other scene, or even an empty one. There is also a new Group function in DS4.5 which maens that you can group all of the items together, and move them as one. Is that what you mean?

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    Thank you Jimmy. The info regarding is what i was looking for. Whenever an upgrade like this happens i don't know how to find out about it and have to resort to the forums to find out. Also because i dont have much a memory, i dont remember how to upgrade me existing version, so if you could tell me how i would be grateful. Always assuming that it is sensible to or possible to upgrade to a beta version?
    As for the question of prime, i knew about saving as scenes, but that seemed too simple. I am curious about file types myself, for example obj. files and so on, is there some information i can read about these and how to work with them. This may well be beyond my brain power, but who knows?
    Thank you again

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    To get, you have to 'buy' it from the Store, and it will appear in your downloads. I have been using it for a week or two now, and it works well for me. Renders with the UE lights seem to go a lot quicker too.

    The only info I know about file types is on something like Wikipedia. There is information on the new DAZ file types in the documentation area here :, it might help.

    The OBJ format usually comes as a pair, with an OBJ/MTL file. The MTL contains information to tell DS where to find the materials (as you would expect :) ) OBJ does not support any rigging information, just the base mesh, but it does support UV information which is also held in the OBJ file.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    A great help, thank you so much

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