Ambient occlusion for daz studio 4.5?

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I just downloaded daz studio 4.5 pro and am wondering does the daz studio rendering engine (3d delight) offer ambient occlusion? I can't seem to find the option for it in render or light settings...



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    Check this recent thread Question about ambient occlusion

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi Melbards, welcome!
    DAZ Studio has at least three ways of doing AO, the simplest being using UberEnvironment which you can find in DAZ Studio Formats->My Library->Light Presets->omnifreaker->UberEnvironment2. Double click on the !UberEnvironment2 Base (first icon) and then on any of the available image maps (or none if you want a pure-AO look).
    A second way is by using Shader Mixer, which is a bit more involved. Open SM, and go to Functions->Lighting->Shadows and drag or double click on Ambient Occlusion which will spawn the AO brick in the middle of the screen. Drag its C connector to Diffuse Strength, make sure a surface you want it applied to is selected and press Apply.
    A third way is with the AO point-cloud script in the render settings/Advanced, select "Scripted 3Delight" as Render Engine, then the "Point Based Occlusion" script.

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    pwSurface2 is an option as well. It is a surface shader and will allow you to control the AO per surface.

    You can check out the online guide to check out its different functions here -

    pwSurface2 can be purchased from the DAZ3D Store here -

    And I have 30 free presets for pwS2 -

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