Help, Daz 4.5 Doesnt seem to like Victoria 4 :(

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Hi, I am having a bit of trouble with daz 4.5, specifically the "save character preset" and "save pose" functions.. and im hoping someone could shed some light :)

So with daz 4.0, i used to be able to save poses of individual parts of my V4 model, but I cant seem to do that in Daz 4.5. For example, I often make saves for facial expressions or hand gestures. To save a facial expression in daz 4.0, i just go to "save character preset," uncheck all the boxes, scroll down to the neck>head>expressions and check the expressions box. That would save the character's expression and ONLY the expression. When I want to use that expression in the future, all i have to do is search the name that I gave it, and double click.

In daz 4.5, when I click "save character preset" I get an error saying I need a triax mapped model or whatever (victoria5). As an alternative, I have been going to "Save pose." This function doesnt seem to work properly because when I select only the expression items i the list and save, the file does nothing but reset V4's face to "Default" when loaded. The only way I can get a specific expression saved and loaded is to save and load the entire model's pose along with the expression..

Why did they make it so hard on V4 users? >.<

Anyone know how to save specific parts of v4 poses in the new daz?

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    Hi Freelancer...

    To answer your first question, The Save Character Preset (.duf) is for Genesis or Tri-Ax figures only. However if you scroll down the Save As list under Depricated you will find all of the older save formats with the exception of .daz scene. So you can still use those in DS4.5.

    For your second question, saving a Pose Preset (.duf), it does work on V4 the same as the previous .dsa Pose Preset.

    What I do is select the figure (V4), select Save As>Pose Preset (.duf), give a name and location, then I click on the menu button and select Check Modified Only.

    Now for a facial expression, just remember that V4 has morphs and controls on both the Root and Head. If V4 is currently posed (not at default pose) then I just go through and un-check all the nodes not in the chain to the head and un-check any other General categories and morphs that I don't want to save.

    I've found this easier than trying to make sure I find all of the individual morphs and controllers for the expressions. But the choice is yours.

    For Hand Gestures it's the same, just un-check any nodes and rotations that you don't want saved.

    For the most part though, for Gen4 figures I save my poses in the Depricated formats so I can use them in DS3A (yes I still use it... ;-) )

    Hope this helps... :)

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    Thank you for your reply nicc!

    Have been trying to save expressions like that, but or some reason, when I save a pose file with just the expression morphs ticked, the resulting file does nothing but reset my character's expression to default @[email protected]?

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    I don't now why it's doing that for you. I'm using and I checked it this morning and it saved the expressions just fine as a .duf Pose Preset. I don't remember if it worked correctly in on Gen4 though. I'll have to check that on my other computer.

    Just checking, but you did make sure that the morphs where checked on both the V4 root and in the Head. Otherwise they won't save right.

    Have you tried using the Depricated .dsa Pose Preset fomat yet?

    nicci... :)

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    Version gave me a lot of problems too...

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    Ooops.... sorry for the late follow up here, there was another person with the same issue but with Genesis in another thread and I forgot to post back here...

    Hi... ok, I did several tests in both and on both .duf and .dsa Pose Presets and they both save the Expressions and Hand poses correctly for both Gen 4 figures and Genesis.

    Here are the steps to follow to save as a .duf Pose Preset for Expressions...
    note: the only parameters that will be available are those that are relevant to figure posing. No shaping morphs or controllers will be listed.

    1) Create to expression on Gen 4 figure using pose controls and/or individual facial morphs

    2) Select Gen 4 figure and click File > Save As > Pose Preset (.duf)

    3) Click the menu button and select Check Modified Only, this will deselect all parameters that have zero values

    4) Click the menu button and select Expand > Checked, this will expand the figure tree down along all branches that have parameter values

    5) This step is only necessary if you have posed the entire figure and want to only save the Expression.

    Go through the tree and un-check any parameters that you do not want saved as part of the Pose Preset.
    For Expression Pose Presets un-check all General parameters that are not relevant to your Expression for the following nodes - hip, abdomen, chest, neck and head. Un-check the rThigh and lThigh completly. Leave the Eyes, Jaws and Tongue checked.
    Un-check Morphs, Morphforms and/or BodyMorphs from the following nodes - hip, abdomen,chest, neck, rThigh and lThigh, unless they are relevant to your Expression. Leave any Morphs on the head checked unless they are not relevant to your Expression.
    On the Root node under Morphforms, un-check any Pose-Controllers that are not relevant to your Expression.
    On the Root node under Morphs, un-check all catagories except the head, unless they are relevant to your Expression.

    6) Click Accept to save the Pose Preset

    That's it... test your Expression Pose Preset. Only the expression should apply without effecting the pose of the figure.

    One last thing to remember on Gen 4 figures, if you have a figure and/or head shape applied, ie: Aiko, Stephanie etc., there will be scaling parameters and/or possible corrective morphs applied. If your expression is for that figure shape only, then you can leave them. If you just want to save the Expression for general use, then un-check them.

    Now to save a .dsa Pose Preset, just follow the same methods you used in DS3 and DS4.

    Hope this helps... :)

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