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Product Sightings: The Enquiry

DiscipleDisciple Posts: 6
edited May 2012 in The Commons

A long time ago in a forum far, far away...
A noble and generous 3D content company issued a challenge. Members and guests were invited to seek examples of the company's products in use, a quest that stretched to the ends of the earth. Soon (that is soon soon), the challenge was answered with sightings of products used in print, web, games, mobile apps, television, outdoor displays, research, military, medical, education, feature films. Even the lords of the company were surprised by some of them. Every year or so, one of the lords would appear to review the sightings, and select the significant ones for induction into the hall of fame. Handsome rewards were granted to the discoverers, and the land rejoiced.
But the time came when the company made a decree. The forums had become unsustainable, and all would have to migrate to a new realm. The change was difficult. The people were speechless at first, unable to search, their faces unrecognizable. They had problems displaying their pictures, and links to the old knowledge were feeble at best. The masters of the web strove mightily to build a foundation of stability and find a new normal, but everyone knew it would never be the same.
One day a lowly disciple stepped forth. He had not forgotten the ways of the old realm, and wondered if they would ever be restored. He approached the company citadel, asking himself whether anyone within its towers still upheld the call for product sightings. He decided to make his first message in the new realm one of discovery. As he lay his sighting upon the great stone of offering, the question echoed in his mind, "Will I know the answer soon...soon...soon...?"

There is an author who appears to favo(u)r DAZ products in her cover art. Even her pen name is Stephanie. Is she reading this, or her artist? Hi there! I spotted one of her detective stories at Twilight Times and Amazon.
What products did I spot?
Michael 4 Base
Jael Hair
Regency for Michael 4
Dream Home: Great Room Accessories -- Eclectic
Classic Pipe Collection
Mage Tower Accessory Pack 3

...and somebody's eyeballs. Bless me if I know whose.

Greetings to all neighbo(u)rs using the new forums, and best of success to the admins struggling to get them fully functioning.

Edited for image.

The Lord is one!

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  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 24,939
    edited December 1969

    Moved to the Commons because it is not doesn't belong in Latest News and Offers.

  • VaskaniaVaskania Posts: 5,700
    edited December 1969

    Chances are, the author and artist are different people. I know of WillowRaven off hand (poster here) who does cover art for authors. You can see an article about her here:

  • DiscipleDisciple Posts: 6
    edited December 1969

    chohole said:
    Moved to the Commons because it is not doesn't belong in Latest News and Offers. Humbled, the disciple gathered his offering and withdrew to the commons. The unspoken message was clear: commoners were not allowed onto citadel grounds except by official invitation, and the standing invitation of the ancestral realm had not yet been renewed.
    The disciple smiled to himself. Years of training had taught him patience. He would wait, though he hoped not indefinitely.

    Chances are, the author and artist are different people. I know of WillowRaven off hand (poster here) who does cover art for authors. You can see an article about her here:

    Most likely. I hope they both see their work gaining attention.

    The Savio(u)r reigns!

  • RCDescheneRCDeschene Posts: 2,524
    edited December 1969

    My, we're getting a LOT of literary artists here lately! :lol:

  • DiscipleDisciple Posts: 6
    edited December 1969

    The days passed, extending into weeks. One month lapsed into another. The disciple settled in to what could be a long vigil. This was DAZ, after all. He finished the other half of his mutton-lettuce-tomato sandwich, with the mutton sliced nice and lean...very perky. He'd been buying his bread lately from the local baker, who had invented the practice of selling it already sliced! Everyone thought this was the greatest thing since... since... well, it was hard to say, but quite a sensation.

    Still no word from the citadel.

    As he waited, the disciple wondered whether playing an online game at might help pass the time. The banner looked appealing. There was M4 and V4 wearing Shadow Dancer. He sighted several sci-fi models on their free tour, including Vanguard and Dracons Wake Dropship. A game, a diversion, a small venture into fantasy as the days ground inexorably onward...


    Glory to Jesus!

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