Exotic Guest Room by Greenpots: Loading into DS4?

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Greetings all,

Does anyone have any experience with successfully loading the Exotic Island Guest Room sold by the vender Greenpots (see link below) into Daz Studio 4?


I realize that these scenes were created specifically for Poser, but I hope there might be a method to utilize this and other Greenpots scenes in my creations using DS4.

I am somewhat new to this hobby so any advice on this question will be greatly appreciated.


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    The set uses a lot of Python scripts which will not work in any version of DAZ Studio.

    The main Scene file seems to be in Poser PZ3 format which DAZ Studio can open. Poser lights and cameras will not work the same way in DS as they do in Poser, the Python scripts wont work, so if I was only using DS, I wouldn;t bother with this item.

    If you have Poser, you could work at saving out scenes that will load in DS4 without the need for Python scripts, but there might be a lot of work involved to get a nice looking scene.

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    Perhaps Jimmy sounds a bit too negative in this case. ;) At a quick check of the read-me, the props come as pp2, which DAZ studio reads well. There are also pz2 which are also read. So most if not all of the scenery should load fine, but you'll need to adjust the specularity (called glossiness in DAZ Studio) to give stuff a less plastic appearance.

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