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Hi everyone,

We are putting together a frequently asked questions section on our website, and would like to have answers for as many questions as we can.
So, are there any questions, general or product specific, that you would like to ask 3D Universe?

Thanks for your questions!



  • cridgitcridgit Posts: 982
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    1. What's your favourite product?
    2. What product do you regret NOT creating? (Maybe you had an idea and didn't do it and now you're sorry).
    3. You have a style and you're very good at that style. Do you think vendors are better off economically specializing in one style or generalizing in many styles?
    4. We've all created a freebie at some point. What was the tipping point when you felt you were now in a mainstream vendor?

  • Martin_CMartin_C Posts: 163
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    Why... does have "Character Randomizer for V4" not just broken Python scripts, but is actually ripped into pieces with only a few fragments left in the purchase installer, but nobody could give me any reply, neither on the DAZ bug tracker nor by 3D Universe by PM...

    I returned it in the meantime and got a refund, but I actually would have preferred to keep it, because it looks/looked useful.

  • MJ007MJ007 Posts: 1,366
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    1. Does 3DU plan to create any non-Genesis based "humanoid" figures going forward?
    2. Are there any plans for any companion products for older humanoid figures suchs as Dennis, Sam, Sadie, HiroToon3/4, AikoToon3/4, etc. (Not Toon Generations)?
    3. What is the best selling 3DU MALE figure?
    4. What is the best selling 3DU FEMALE figure?
    5. What is your favorite Third Party Companion product for a 3DU product?
    6. Aside from modelling, what do you do in your spare time for fun?
    7. When working late, what is your "brain food"?

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  • RKane_1RKane_1 Posts: 2,055
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    1) What are your goals both short term and long term in respect to products?
    2) When creating a product, how much time a day do you set aside for creating things? Do you have a "day job" that you have to deal with as well?
    3) Regarding Genesis, how easier/harder is it to model with than previous products?
    4) If you shoot a man in his leg but its wooden and you knew this before you shot him, would this be assault or destruction of prvate property. What if the leg was on a barstool next to him.? (Sorry, pertinent to my current situation.) :)

  • Jay_NOLAJay_NOLA Posts: 1,145
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    1.) Which products currently have MetaData?

    2.) What are the current versions numbers of products or when was it last updated? Maybe have a text file or spread sheet that just lists this that can be download so one can make sure everything is up to date.

    3.) What is the best selling 3D Universe Product?

    4.) Which human figures have a companion figure of the opposite sex or will have one?

    5.) Which figures have Mimic speech files? Some people may not see the link to the Mimic files on the 3D Universe site and some figure in the DAZ store may not indicate that a Mimic file exists for them.

    6.) What software do you use to model, texture, etc. your figures?

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 17,116
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    um basic questions first
    What is your name?
    Where are you from?

    I know your name is Steve but Steve what?

    True questions
    Are you planing on making more dude characters for Genesis?
    Are you thinking of making some kid characters for Genesis?
    Are you thinking of making some older characters for Genesis, like grandparents and great grandparents? I liked Gramps, but would like a Gramps and a Grandma for Genesis.
    Do you use a notebook or desktop to create your content?
    What are the specs of your computer?
    Do you play any computer games? if so which ones?
    Do you have any pets?

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 27,754
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    I only really have one question. Are you only going to create stuff for DS going forward, or will you still create things that work in other apps as well.

  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 17,116
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    Will you make a mermaid character for Genesis to go with the crab? and some toon fish? and a toon prince? and a toon seagull? and a octopus lady?

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