Extracting OBJ files from Genesis Products to Use in Carrara

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Hya a few weeks ago I bought some Genesis hair accidentally.
I also downloaded Genesis Crowns recently thinking I could use them in Carrarar 8.1 (ie not the beta) by
extracting the object files.
In the crown download the closest thing I can see to the correct size for the obj file is a DSF file
So I tried renaming it to an Obj file then importing it into Carrara - but no go.
I get nothing.

Any clues as to how to use these things apart from installing Studio or installing the Carrara beta?

I guess I should just model the crowns myself - but the hair is a different story.

Thanks in advance.


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    Have a look at the DSF toolbox, currently on sale for 50% off. It can convert DSF files to OBJ without needing DS4.

    There is a PDF manual for it as well. See image below.

    Here's the link : http://www.daz3d.com/shop/dsf-toolbox

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    Thanks JimmyC_2009. I'll check it out - and thanks for going to the trouble to get the link. Appreciated :)

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