Creation Engineer or Genesis Nano Suit...decisions decisions....

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aaaaargh I can't decide! Tossing up between either the Creation Engineer outfit or the Genesis Nano Suit!! I'm in need of a great sci fi type outfit for my Genesis and I can't pick between the two. The Nano suit looks great with all the shaders included, and the Creation Engineer looks totally cool.

Anyone with both, or even either want to weigh in and help me decide??????


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    I have the Nano Suit, and while I haven't used it much, I liked the look of it a lot. I will say it has great shaders which I have used on other projects a fair amount. I seem to recall reading somewhere some technical thingy beyond my ken about having to turn down a setting from the default to avoid choking ones system when using the suit, but as you can see, I'm really not pinpointing the issue for you... :cheese:

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    the shaders in the nano suit are kinda tipping the scale for me, being able to use them on other stuff.
    I'm picking up Midnight Stories' Jade Assassin outfit also as it'll be great for the "sexy" type sci fi I like, but I need a kinda "normal" sci fi outfit too. Both Nano and Creation Engineer suit male and female so that's a plus (whereas Jade Assassin is really a female outfit).....but they both look really cool!!! Argh this is too hard. LOL

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    I think it's horse for courses the Namo-suit is sleeker while the Engineer is bulked up I was trying to get a space-jockey look. Which reminds me I better start getting the hyper suit ready I put it on ice till all the DS4.5 was released.

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    you have another sci fi suit coming out??? oh man, come ON!!!!!! Then I'm going to have ANOTHER hard decision to make!!!!!!!!!! *laughs* How can you do this to me???


    I have to say,the Nano suit is coming out front for me - the shaders included can be used on other stuff, making it ultra-versatile, plus I do like the sleeker look....I like using hot women in my art and the nano suit shows them off a wee bit better than the more bulky Engineer. :P

    If I had more readily available cash, I'd happily pick up both - but I can only do one at the moment. Mind you, if you have another sale at any time, I'll be picking up the one I don't choose tonight. LOL.

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    I think the Hyper suit is my best one, the gun has been designed from scratch and I will have a heap of mats like the other suits. Plus full support for all genesis male and female shape this is M5

    709 x 1000 - 337K
    800 x 1000 - 300K
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    OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is AWESOME!!!

    omg now the decision i NOT buy nano or creation now cos I have to get this one when it's released????????????

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    I like the look of both but put my money elsewhere because I already have the Genesis Supersuit which is very versatile. If you HAVE to pick one of those, buy both - that way you won't regret it. If you can't afford both, buy the one you will regret not buying more.

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    I like to talk about which product we choose very much ^^; ,,,

    then as for me, you should check the material zone, and imagine, if you customize, which suit you can create easy
    what you want.
    it is more important, that how the line of zone separated, than how many material zone you can change,

    because body suits type clothing is easy just set opacity turn zero, then make new style,,,
    but if the line is different what you hope, you can not change it easy,,

    about super man suits I bought three set, (actually great sets, if decide MVP of costume products I think
    the superman suits sets lank in top 10 must be,, so many shape, so many zone, and useful shaders,,)

    but after check them I want another line of zone, so I bought G-suit too. ^^;

    (of course you can apply many shader, every material zone,,)

    ya,,,, I could not decide which is better choice,,,actually those of products in my wishlist too,,
    but if I were you, if decide to buy one, I buy Nano suits, then wait next Hyper suit .
    Nano and Hyper may seems diferent idea about style.

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