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Is there a way to lock a figure so it or parts of it do not move below the floor when moving through a series of poses? Rendering of a number of poses where the figure is on a plane (Floor) requires vertical adjustment of individual key frames to prevent parts of the figure from going below the floor. Is there a way to prevent this?

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    ik restraints.
    do not ask me how in studio, I have only used them in Carrara and Poser but I think it is much the same
    (not on my computer or I would look.)

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    OK, this will take a bit to explain, but here it goes.

    I'm using the City Limits Layout. Window > Workspace > Layout > City Limits > Accept

    With this new layout you will see many icons around the workspace. I select the Universal Tool Icon.

    Then when I pick or select the foot on the figure, the Universal Tool is displayed. Within that tool is a Pin Icon, this will give you some options to pin the foot in its location etc.

    This should help solve the issue.

    See the images below.

    374 x 313 - 34K
    337 x 206 - 19K
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    in theory yes, that is what pinning can do.
    i had no succes with this. :down:
    will the IK system ever work in studio?
    can we use the IK from iclone in studio?

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    Thanks All; I think pinning will solve my problem. It is a bit tedious but so was key by key adjustment.

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