UberSurface Enhanced Specular, please!

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Dear Ominfreaker,

I own almost all of your products, from before many were included with Studio.

I use them all, quite frequently.

I am, however, NOT a fan of your specular implementation in UberSurface. In particular for human skin, I would like to see the ability to apply NEGATIVE specular sharpness. I have tried to adjust the parameter to allow negative values, but it seems to have no effect; so I am assuming support for this is not implemented.

I like your anisostropic implementation, but having the ability to adjust the U and V individually rather than having to rely on how the model is mapped would be a nice feature

Hell, while we're at it: I'd love to see diffuse fill and diffuse rim added as well. These two features are also indispensable.

I currently will not use Uber shaders on human skin, because in my opinion these features are lacking and I can not get the look that I desire.

More control over AO on a surface basis (color, etc) would also be great!

hey, I know these are pipe dreams. But you never know if you don't ask, right? (and yes, I know these are all features of pwsurface, but that shader is sadly undersupported; not even really sure what its status is at this point).

Thank you!


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    pwSurface2 is supported and updated for DAZ Studio 4.5

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    Define "supported". It is my understanding that it is no longer under development. It gets recompiled for never versions of studio, but Surface Sync is broken and likely not to be fixed and when's the last time we saw something new on the PW front? That's not supported in my opinion, that's abandoned.

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    Poseworks sold several of his products to DAZ3D. Until DAZ states that any of the Poseworks shaders they own are abandoned, then they are supported.

    The lack of Surface Sync does not in any way hamper the product. It was nothing more then an added on bell or wistle. I personally have enjoyed the use of pwSurface2 without surface sync and dont feel that I have lost anything either from that feature not functioning.

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    What development, other than recompiling, has DAZ done on it? Nothing so far as I can tell. And perhaps if Surface Sync does not work, IT OUGHT TO BE TAKEN OUT.

    And please don't tell me that the inclusion of so many of OM's products with Studio is not a loud and clear pronouncement of favor.

    I'm not looking to get into a fight Matty. If I had my choice, I'd pick pwSurface to be the clear winner. But I didn't get to make that choice. Someone else decided that the uber products should be dominant, and have reinforced that at every turn. (not to insult those products, either. though I personally feel they are harder to work with, and lack some features -- they are extremely functional, and produce excellent results. and the new layered version is going to be forever in my toolbox)

    I LOVE pwSurface, and have been a fan of poseworks since long before the name change. I'm just facing the reality here. Uber won the fight. Now, I'd just like to see some enhancements so I can use it with the same facility.

    Really, really, really. I'm not looking to offend anyone. If my poor word choice has done so, I apologize. It was never my intent. These are my feelings on the subject.

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    No worries! I was not trying to start anything either. I like pwS2 a lot as well, far better then any of the Uber shaders, but that is just me.

    As for the current status and condition of the DAZ owned Poseworks shaders, only DAZ knows what they are doing with them. Personally, until they are removed from the store, I wont count them out.

    As for why the Uber shader stuff is in DS, simple, Omnifreak sold them to DAZ long before Poseworks sold his. Smart move on Omnifreak's part.

    On that note, if you do not already have them, I have 30 free presets for pwSurface2. Go here - http://www.mediafire.com/mattymanx - and you will see them in the list with my other freebies for DS and Poser.

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    of course I have them. I'm a lurker, mostly, not a newbie :)

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