Poser>Limits= Figure Squish?!

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Somewhere between Zbrush, Poser and Daz Figure Setup Tools in DS3A... using Limits in Poser causes the figure to squish, seemingly inside out. Could be something to do with all the scaling but the actual OBJ scale is the same by comparison on import from Zbrush/DS3A to Poser.

Note: Undo does not remove this squish. Once squished it stays squished.

Any assistance would be great. Thank you!

On the left you see the image is squished and then the unsquished version.

500 x 500 - 15K


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    Try oprning the .CR2 in a text editor, then searching for Min and Max values. I suspect you have some properties with an Initial Value outside of the Min and Max values (e.g. Min=0 Max=0 Initial Value = 1). That kind of thing would makes Poser's "Use Limits" go haywire.



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