(Help) Setting/Changing the Pivot Point Position (DAZ) [SOLVED]

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I've made a prop for Daz, (A Bow) And I cant import the pivot point position which I set up in 3ds Max. Basically, the bow needs the pivot point to be at the center of the bow handle. By default, Daz wants the pivot point to be at the very bottom of the bow (which is standing upright)

Can anyone help me please?

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    There is a script called move origin for daz. Solves that exact issue.


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    THANK YOU Zev, you're a life saver! Cheers :cheese:

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    You can also use the Joint Editor Tool in Studio. I do this frequently when prop items load in with wonky origin and end points, especially for stuff meant to be held in a figure's hand. Otherwise, you just start frothing in fury trying to get the prop to line up properly.

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    I didn't know you could do that, I was searching for the name 'Pivot Point' which is what 3ds max refers to it as. Turns out in daz It's called origin, and the joint editor tool didn't stand out to me LOL

    Thanks for the tip Cwichura :)

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