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I am hoping someone can give me some help. I am a new user with Daz Studio and still having a bit of a learning curve. Here is my question. i work with a children's drama company and we are working on a version of Sleepy Hollow to perform during October. Instead of ordering traditional backdrops we are wanting to use a projector. We did this with a production of OZ back in the Spring. I am trying to use a couple of scenes (graveyard, hunters moon) for backgrounds, but the final render needs to be at least 1920x1080. I am wanting to put a few of the backgrounds into After Effects to add some other live effects on top. Not really sure how to get the scenes to correctly. They never fill the full frame. Any suggestions? Thanks


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    Position your CAMERA (you may need to create one) so your Scene fills the Camera You are looking through's view with what you wish to be the finished render. Under ADVANCED render settings set the Render Size to what you need.

    If you need help using a render camera or the render settings just say so in this thread.

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    Thank you so much. I tried it last night and it worked perfect.

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