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Movement animation test
Posted: 25 September 2012 01:18 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Tried out a couple different things this morning using some of my new mocaps that I got on sale.

Basically I rendered as PNG sequences (the foreground character and background separately because I prefer different render styles), and in doing so it’s always interesting getting the camera movements and obstacles to line up. I was trying to be ambitious having him go around a corner. I think it was like a C+ grade overall.

The other thing that happens when you’re rendering separate PNG sequences is that, of course, there’s no shadow. If it was just a flat surface I could render one out on a plane, and I suppose I could have created a plane to match the building but, meh. I was happy just doing a quick and dirty solid layer and masking it into a feathered circle and knocking in a few keyframes.