Nerd3D TheGlen removed by norton

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File was removed by norton right after downloading it, what can I do?

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    Happens sometimes with new files that Norton has no history for. You can just go to Norton's quarantine section and tell it to release the file and not touch it again. That will restore the downloaded file and you can proceed with the install.

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    Disable the SONAR feature of norton, it's only a reputation based system that connects to a global database to try and recognize if more users have the same file you just downloaded to detect new threats, IMHO is not a very useful features as I have experienced the same problem with new files downloaded from DAZ :(

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    When you release a file from Quarantine you may want to fix the name of the file. Norton will make any uppercase characters in the name of the file lowercase ones when you take it out of Quarantine.

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