Resetting genesis into default pose

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Hello folks, I have noticed that once I have posed and adjusted Genesis figures' in a scene, that, the preset poses no longer go fully into place.
The previous adjustments seem to get into the preset pose.
Does anyone know about a ' Back to default pose ' function ?


  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 12,202
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    Highlight genesis.

    Click edit menu. Click zero. Select pose. It will retore genesis to default pose. (this is in daz 4.5)

  • ElliandraElliandra Posts: 99
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    Another quick way to restore or zero out any figure in DS is to right click on the Parameters Name Tab and it will bring up a menu to will allow you to restore or zero out poses, figures, selected items etc.
    I have screencaps of all the options for restoring and zero'ing via the Right-Click Parameters Name Tab for you!

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  • MandMMandM Posts: 35

    I know this thread is old, but I wanted to say ... Elli, this still works!  (Daz 4.10)  

    The way I had been doing it was (for hands pretty often)  ... selecting multiple items in the scene, selecting their adjusts/transforms/bends and from the parameters, right click and enter edit mode, then right click and "set" values zero.  I would use this for zeroing parts but not the whole, like the bends, but not the transforms. 

    You can also use this to quickly move objects to a new location, just copy and paste the transform data. 

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