How to get Creature Feature Bundle for V4-A4 into GenX?

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Hi, guys, just bought this when it went on sale. I'd had my eye on it since the beginning of the PA sale and I'd hoped to add it into my Genesis morph library via GenX. However, after a few tries it doesn't seem to be adding anything new. Some parameters seem to change but it would be a shame if I could only use one at a time. I'm still testing things but has anybody been able to get this to work before?

Here's a link to the product I'm talking about:


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    This uses ExP technology. You must run initialize script, otherwise there are no channels for the new morphs

    if your desktop shortcut is gone, you can run directly,


    The morph can only be put into a figure created after init, they will not work on older CR2 or scenes

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    hum.. I wonder if "custom" in this instance means dial spinning of the required products. Victoria 4.2 Morphs++ , Victoria 4.2 Creature Creator Morphs??

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    The product combines use of morphs found in Morphs++ and Creature Creator with morphs unique to the package.
    That is why new channels must be created to use them.

    The OP was intending to use them on Genesis via GenX. This can easily be done after package is installed properly

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    Yes the first question is do you have it working correctly for V4

    Then, it becomes the same question as how do you get any dialed character from V4 to Genesis via GenX.

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    This product seems to be dependent upon some Creature Creator Morphs and Morphs++, and will presumably have custom morphs of its own. After loading V4, you will need to drag the DAZ morphs it uses into the GenX window first and then drag the morphs injection icon from the product. Select "On for non-zero values" and have a look through the morph list to see what has been given values, and has therefore been selected. If that looks reasonable have a go at transferring. I presume that under "head" one of the Creature Creator full head morphs will appear (e.g. "Cat/Full Head") and this should have a value. Similarly, a vendor morph, unless the product only uses dials in some way.

    I've noticed that not all vendor morphs work, or work as expected. In some cases I've had to export a cr2 of the M4/V4 figure with all the morphs applied and loaded that with Load Figure (in one case even that didn't work!).

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    Hey guys, just got around to checking my e-mail and noticed all the replies. To answer some questions, I have all the major morph add-ons, including creature creator bundle, but I wanted to use these because they were more in line with something I'm working on right now. I did notice that certain V4.2 morphs had different values in GenX once I tried to add them but nothing happened when I transferred. I'll try the ExP stuff and see if I can get that working, never even knew about that actually, thanks!

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