A Cozy Studio: Urban Studio Apartment 50% off for PA Sale! [COMMERCIAL]

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I posted this on the public WIP thread a couple of months ago. It is finally done and available just in time for the home stretch of the PA sale!

“A Cozy Studio” is DAZ Studio 4.5 and Poser 2010 compatible. It includes four distinct areas of functionality, which include: A kitchen and dining area, a living room, a bedroom and an entryway. This cute little apartment has an open floor plan so you can see everything at a glance.

Comes preloaded with the complete scene or you can choose from four presets that load only one room at a time.

Includes lighting and camera presets for DAZ Studio only.


I'd love to see your renders! :)


1000 x 1300 - 330K
1000 x 1300 - 262K
1000 x 1300 - 256K
1000 x 1300 - 321K


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    Gorgeous. I want to buy but...
    btw shouldn't this thread be in the main forum, given it's a PA sale item?

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    It can be in either, or even both as it is a PA product. It is up to the PA.

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    I got a great question about this set on Facebook.

    Someone asked if this set will load in Daz Studio 4 or older. The answer is yes! The Poser files will load in DS 4 or older. The .duf files will load in DS4.5. So it doesn't matter which one you use, you'll be able to load and render the set just fine. :)


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    Is there *any* chance you'll do a Poser version of Bright Loft? I realy wanted to pick it up during the PA sale (when I *did* get the Studio — which looks great, BTW), but it's Studio only.

    <-- me with sad eyes.....</p>

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    I'd love to see your renders! :)

    I'd love to see them too! But something is crashing Daz ( every time I try to render the furnished apartment with 3Delight. I can render the unfurnished version fine (also unfurnished plus a Genesis figure works), but as soon as I add even the bed, I crash on rendering (even if I spot render a small area that doesn't include the bed).

    Not sure why. I don't think the bed is the problem, because I also have render crashes when spot rendering the wall under the window even after deleting the bed, end table and mirror.

    I have limited experience with Daz, but this is the only set I've had render crashes with so far. Any ideas?

    (I'm on Windows 7 32-bit, 3GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7850 card.)

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