Morph Designer 3.0 - Have you used?

KimberSueKimberSue Posts: 354
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Hi, does anyone here use Morph Designer 3.0? If so, do you like it? Any thoughts?


  • RKane_1RKane_1 Posts: 2,061
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    Honestly I am not sure it still works with this version of DAZ.

    And now that Hexagon 2.5 is free AND there is a bridge for it, I am not sure why you would want it. :)

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    Morph Designer adds morphs to clothes... As one that uses Hexagon ALOT I don't see how it can replace Morph Designer. For example, I'm making an outfit right now that I am trying to add full body morphs to, and other methods just are not getting the results I want... If I were to use Hexagon I would have to have a character and separate file for every morph I need to make... that would take too long. The way I see it anyway...

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