Supersuit Transparencies Still Render

ejk_sanejk_san Posts: 23

Hi, anyone have issues with fully transparent (opacity strength at 0%) parts of Supersuit still rendering? I've tried shutting off "Visible in Render" in Parameters (which solves some things, but takes out whole sections I DO want), dialing down bump strength to 0%, and double-checking that the opacity strength slider is at 0%. I'm modeling a mix-and-match armored spacesuit, with some areas needing to remain transparent (joints) and others visible (limbs).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 42,722
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    How is it visible? One thing to check is that Multiply Specular through Opacity is on, otherwise highlights can appear without a visible surface to bear them (this is desirable for things like glass, but a nuisance if you are trying to hide something).

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Multiply Spec through Opacity was on—and so were a bunch of global sliders (diffuse, refl./refr. strength) that I had on when I was tweaking the other opaque regions, despite the opacity sliders being at 0% for what I wanted transparent. Spent a while turning those globals off, and after a series of test renders, my model looks they way I want it to! Again, thanks for the reply!

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