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I am not sure how long it takes to receive a response after submitting a request via the documented channels via the Help tab, however it's been since the end of last week and I've yet to find out the answer as to why the serial number that is listed in my account for the C8 Upgrade is no longer valid.

I have had to purchase a new CPU, and once I re-installed Carrara and started it up I've been getting the Invalid notice. I use the program quite often, and am slightly irritated at this point- I have patience, and I know it's busy but I also understand the business aspect of at least responding to a customer when a question or request is posed to let them know the issue is being worked on.

I'm hazarding a guess that four days is usual, but I'm hoping that it won't be more than a week before I can use this program again.


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    If you live in the states I would call. You can also put another comment in the ticket and ask why its taking so long. Sorry to hear about the delay though, they have taken over a week for me in the past but it wasn't regarding a serial key issue. Usually its like 3-4 days though.

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