Photos from the old school Creature Creator contest...

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Remember a year and a half ago there was that contest for Genesis...make the most abnormal character you can do with the basics...
Some great pieces came out...mind ya, pre RawArt heh...

It was on the old forums so all was lost, BUT I reciently got the grand prize in mail... a 6incher in real life of the 3d model!

hmm...used to be able to edit attachments...

the first is the CG,

the second is me and the kick arse real life model. hehe

I wish i remembered the name of the company that does the 3d sculpting cuz its so detailed even the skin dots are seen and the fingers are so delecately thin im amazed it lasted shipping.

480 x 640 - 139K
337 x 600 - 12K


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