Filet on Extruded Polygon in Carrara?

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Hi everyone and thanks for your help in advance.
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I am attempting to build this object in Carrara, it is really more suited to Alibre or Solidworks, but I am trying
to learn as much in Carrara as I can. See attached photo. I made this in Carrara with a group of polygons in the Vertex room then extruded to this height. I tried making it in the Spline modeler then importing to the Vertex modeler to add Filetd on certain edges , but got odd results because it was tough to select a pure edge without affecting other Vertices.

This looked like it would work because it looks so close to a pure cube which has no issues with the Filet tool.
It should be noted that when I first made this shape and rendered it it was curved rather then flat surfaces I wanted.
So I used the crease tool on the entire object, now it looks the way I want, but If I select the edge as shown in the photo and select the filet tool and put in any values there is no change. Any Ideas?
Thank you.

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