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At the risk of offending Mrs Grundy, I have been trying to provide one of my characters (M4 Alex) with a reasonable set of "bits". He just doesn't look right without any, concealed or not, but apparently provision has not been made for them to be included with a GenX conversion to Genesis.

After much experimentation, I have finally managed to produce a set; linking them to the appropriate position on Alex's whereabouts has been somewhat akin to trying to dock my space shuttle to the Space Station ... with one hand!

There is a problem, however, that I just can't solve. It may be regarded as "art contempory" but I just cannot get the colour (Diffuse) of the bits to match the rest of him or vice versa!

There should be a way to "pick" a colour from an existing display but DAZ doesn't seem to have this facility. If it did, the colour could be stored within Surfaces and then selected for use on a different figure. Perhaps it is not as simple as that as some parts are picked up from a .jpg file under Diffuse ... I am a confused Diffuser!

Or am I missing something?

My apologies to Mrs Grundy.

BTW How's the 4.5 Manual coming on? ;-P

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    Unless you have a matching 'toast' texture for the texture you are using for your character you're going to have a few issues. Starting from scratch you'll need, as a minimum, to match shaders (making sure the 'toast', or bits as you call them is using the same shader as the main figures hip surface), then you'll need to match diffuse, specular, glossiness, etc. to get a colour match. Without the proper maps for the parts in question you're not going to end up with anything that looks remotely pretty though.

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    Good enough! Thanks.

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