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Particles question
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I am trying to randomly fill a still scene with tiny spheres. So I am attempting to use a particle emmiter to do it. However, I am having all sorts of problems. I have the emitter to emit full a 0 time (1st frame), but the particles are emmiting in a plane along one axis only. I want a random distribution of tiny spheres in throughout the scene. The other problem is that the emmission shape is a triangle.

Any suggestions?

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Hi mdelaflor smile

In the particle emitter panels, there’s a set of values for the “Emission cube” (X,Y,Z) this is set to 0,0,0, by default. so the particles all come from a single point.

If you change that to 10ft, 10ft, 10 ft, then particles will be created within a 10ft cube area instead of a single point.

I’m not sure what you want to do, but if you want an area filled with static sphere particles,....
In the particle emitter options, you can “Freeze” the particles. so they don’t move n the scene, and no new particles are created. (until you un-freeze it).



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