How do I share a Bryce Building?

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I have created a couple of buildings in Bryce (cottages actually). They are my first attempt at anything serious in Bryce and it has taken me over a week to build this cottage set.

The cottages are actually two buildings joined into one, but can be seperated and rotated about their axis to be used as two seperate buildings.

At the moment it is a Work In Progress as I am building an outbuilding to sit at the rear of the building as a lot of old houses did not have an inside Bathroom until after the 1930's. I am building these as seperate blocks so that they can be used, rotated, or deleted as appropriate for other people's use.

So... do I create seperate files for each building? What format do I use to export best?
Ideally it could do to be a single file to make it easier for other people to install, but I have no idea what is the common practice out there.
If anyone is interested please post me a message.

THIS WILL BE TOTALLY FREE FOR ANY USE BY ANYONE as a thank you from me to all the people who have guided me in the learning process of Bryce.

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    I put my model in a ZIP file and upload it to some place people can download it .
    I have my model here -

    You will need to make account there .

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    Save them as OBPs into you preset libary, then export them out from there, use a zip app, or win RAR to package them up. Make sure you add a readme, which has a clause about usage. Otherwise other people will always try and take credit for your work.

    My EULA on all my zips reads

    Have fun with them.

    The legal stuff:

    The files in this package should not be redistributed or resold without consent.
    It also should not be modified and repackaged in any way without the consent of

    You may use this package for commercial and non-commercial renders.

    Edited to add, also don't forget to tell them it was made in Br7 and may not work in earlier versions.

    DL this one and see how I did it
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    @chohole: I see you have exported to an OBP file.

    I can not see any options in Bryce7 to export to this kind of file...

    I can see: many others but not this one.

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    Export it form your preset library.

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    Thank you very much for the illustration - it did the trick.
    I have succesfully exported it to an OBP file now.

    Next is to create the outbuildings to go with it then i'll distribute!

    Thank you.


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