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RairaikenShinjuku1954 LARGE Files
Posted: 22 September 2012 04:53 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Including the file sizes with the new forum marketing has been brought up by various people. Usually, I don’t have much of a problem. But today—-YIKES! I treated myself to a wishlist item: RairaikenShinjuku1954 by sugatak. It is a great scene with many props for a Japanese 1950’s era diner/noodle shop. But nowhere was the file size mentioned. My eyes stared at the ever-increasing download data passing 89 MB etc. Final size of the installers and metadata files for PC as listed under “properties”.

266 MB 15419RairaikenShinjuku1954_1.0_dpc.exe
Metadata 5.57 MB
269 MB 15419RairaikenShinjuku1954DS_1.0_ds.exe
Metadata 5.67 MB

I’m wondering about installing it, I assume it will be taken over by DAZ4.0 since there is metadata. How big will it really be?  I also downloaded the pdf file which translates the prop names from Japanese to English, although I always recognize “biru”, which is beer!

Anyway, just a headsup be prepared to have a snack while downloading.


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