Creating Mat poses in daz studio 4.5

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I have been looking around your site for tutorials or reading material regarding the creation of mat poses

I have recently purchased the super suit and was playing around with it. I now want to create mat poses so I can use it for other scenes with the supersuit ...I am just not sure where to start.

what do I save the file as to create a mat pose ?

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    You would use File > Save As > Material(s) Preset, and select the body parts that it applies to in the dialogue.

    I haven't used this for anything much, but I did create a green Genesis which works. When applying the material prset, make sure that the figure is selected.

    You don;t need to save to any particular folder in DS4, just make sure that it is in DAZ Studio Formats. It iwll save as a .DUF file, with a PNG icon.

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