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I’ve had these in my content directory for some time now, I’m curious as to what their uses are:

V4.2 to V3
V3 to V2
and other files saying from one char to another. Does V4.2 t V3 mean I can load a V4 char and finally use old V3 outfits with her or something? I had a program I bought a LONG time ago called CrossDresser (it was not from DAZ, though I see they now have a similar program). The program was horrible though, you had to make some folder called !Converted and it never did the clothes right. Was quite hard to use and etc.

But anyways I was curious as to what those dazpeople files do, because if I could use them instead of buying Clothing Converter 4.0 (it looks much nicer than CrossDresser which was a headache to use).

—Edit: I found that other clothing converter program—


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Yes, those allow you to use clothes made for the older generation figure on the new one.  However, body morphs won’t work on it, so it’s only the default shape.


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