DS4.5 Having Trouble locating the Data folder - Correct Data Folder Location for multiple content di

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DS 64bit seems to have problems locating the correct data folder for when using multiple DS content directories and Poser runtimes. Many of my previous DS saved scenes are failing to load or are missing textures. DS issues a warning that "one or more files cannot be found" , and to make sure content directories are properly setup in the preferences. In DS3 The file opens correctly.

In the DS log I am getting lots of the following load errors:

Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/blStephaniePetite_72712_hip/geometry.dso
Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/modifiers/morphs/HipNarrow_356.dsd
Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/modifiers/morphs/HipSmall_829.dsd
Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/modifiers/morphs/HipSpandex_284.dsd
Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/modifiers/morphs/PubicHair_114.dsd
Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/modifiers/morphs/GenCrease1_89.dsd
Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/modifiers/morphs/GenCrease2_207.dsd
Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/modifiers/morphs/Gluteus_14.dsd
Unable to find file for storable: data/3_0/blStephaniePetite_72712/hip/modifiers/morphs/GluteBig_335.dsd
etc. ....................

These are in the content/data folder and the items are in the data directories in the respective content directory that the scene was saved.

All the the content directories and runtimes are set up in the preferences and they appear properly in the content libraries. It appears the DS 4.5 is not reading the data file from the correct data directory. Do we need to copy or merge all the data directories to the root of the DS 4.5 content directory? The paths look relative and not absolute, but I am assuming that DS would search all the DS content directories that are set up in the preferences. Is this the case? If not, which directory or directories does DS search? How should the data folder be setup for multiple content directories?

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    Can you go to the Content Directory Manager in DS3 and DS4 and post screenshots of the DS-format content folders list in each? In DS3 Edit > Preferences > Directories > Content Directory Manager, in DS4 Edit > Preferences > Content Library > Content Directory Manager.

    ETA: DS4.5 should look in all DS-format content folders if it doesn't find the data files in the first one -- if it doesn't seem to be doing so, that may be a bug.

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