Problem with duf save/files

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I just changed to 4.5 a couple days ago. Now I am having problems with resets of poses (tilt head, arm up/down, etc.)
The program won't reset to start position anymore. Again more problems. I will probably go back to the 4.0 version soon.
Far less headaches.

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    Hi,, your icon is sweet cute,,:lol:

    then, I feel you may discribe more detail what trouble you have,,

    what file type you saved as, and how do you reset poses,,
    and what figure ? genesis or the 4 the generation?
    the pose was how do you set?

    then, how do you try zero figure? zero pose? or reset parameter?
    so someone can tell more and may help you.

    eg,,, I understand ,, only few days ago,,

    if I saved character duf, and load or apply it on genesis,
    then reset some morph parameter controller, they never turned to zero.
    they keep the value when you load the character duf.
    (of course you can change the value by manually,,)

    but if you use "zero figure" or zero shape,
    they turned everyshape without hide parameter (if you used them,,)

    I think, it is program,, so everything must have rule,(even if about bug,,)
    so just find the rule , or ask them and get answer,, and discribe,, you may never miss it again,,

    (ds is not difficult aprication, as you know, it is simple, just load item or figure or scene free or products,
    and adjust shape and pose, then set material texture,, or shader,
    after that, adjust light or some parameter , then click render :P
    I am not artist, so it is almost full for me.)

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