Some issues with Daz Studio 4.5

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Hi, I just update my Daz studio software from 4.02(or 4.2, forget which) to 4.5. Although I have noticed many improvements, I have also noticed some very annoying problems as well, though they may be only particular to me. First of all, an outfit that in the previous release I could get to conform/fit using fit to and transfer active morphs is no longer fitting no matter what I do. Changing the morph parameters of this outfit doesn't even effect it. The outfit is callled HOT!HOT! and in the previous version, I could get it to fit. I am using the same model I used previously. It only seems to have this problem with this outfit. Otherwise, outfits that used to give problems are now fitting, but still annoying that one that was working does not work now. 2nd, though a problem I had in the first one as well, I thought I should mention it. The optitex dynamic clothing control plugin does not work for me. It says the plugin failed(this was a problem with the earlier version as well for me.) I have never seen any view option either that has tab options in it, such as to add dynamic clothing control tab, instead I have a window menu, and though it allows you to add and remove tabs, dynamic clothing is not one of them. Any ideas on how I can fix these issues?
nvm on the outfit, it started working.

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    I'm not sure why the clothing would fail. Do you have a link to its product page?

    Do you have the paid for Dynamic Clothign Control plugin? If so, you need to install the new version of that; if not, you shouldn't have installed the version of the plugin that may be included with your downloads - uninstall it, and if that doesn't reactivate the base version reinstall DAZ Studio.

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