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FREE update Faceshop plugin for Studio 4.5 Mac and WIN
Posted: 21 September 2012 02:59 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Happy to announce that we just released the long-overdue Studio 4.5 compatible Mac plugin for Faceshop 7. Here’s where to download:
Thanks for your patience!

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Hopefully this is a useful place to add some further information for those who might be having trouble installing FaceShop 7.02EZ for DAZ Studio in Mac OS X 10.7.5 or similar.

...particularly if, like me, you had such a horrible time installing DS on OSX in the first place that you’re not sure if you should have joined that 64-bit blue wire to the 32-bit red wire terminal. If all else fails, ask someone for instructions.

In my situation, the installer program process didn’t seem to resemble anything in the PC/Mac manual for 7EZ (FaceShopall.pdf), whether the automatic or manual instructions. It tasted like Windows.

Manual Installation:
Place the “FaceShop” application file into “DAZ/Studio/bin” folder.
Place “dzfaceshoploader.dll” into “DAZ/Studio/plugins” folder.
Place “FaceShop” folder into “DAZ/Studio/resources” folder.

I could get the plugin (see first post here) to start in DAZ Studio but it couldn’t find the application. A stand-alone install of FaceShop seemed to run OK. But I just couldn’t make them connect like it said on the tin.

So after the usual round of fruitless forum/web searches, pleading, threats and ultimately tears, I caved in and sent off a pessimistic email to the contact address given on the website (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)), but not very hopeful about the outcome.

So imagine my shock when Laslo cheerfully replied with a suggestion within a few minutes.

That wasn’t quite it, so back I went with another imploring plea—and not long after, lo! the solution was presented before me with grace and splendour! Birds sang. Children danced. A warthog went past on a unicycle while playing show tunes on a kazoo.

The solution: Create a new folder (e.g. in your desktop) and do a standalone installation into it (use same version as your install of DAS Studio, natch).

This dummy folder will now contain three files: dzfaceshoploader.dylib fsconfig.dsk and FaceShop (an application file). Then just follow the instructions in the manual (.dll=.dylib of course) and you should be good to go.

I must reiterate that this is what worked for me in OSX 10.7 Lion, your personal Mac mileage may vary—however, I think that this manual installation method should be fairly bullet-proof.

So remember kids, never eat anything bigger than your own head, and never be afraid to try customer service—sometimes it just might work.

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